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John Brookshier Staff Photo

Computer tech Class 

 Computer Building and Design



The 2016-17 school year is off to a quick start in the San Jacinto Valley with new and continuing programs to ensure student success. One such program is the computer tech class at Noli Indian School on the Soboba reservation.


The class began in 2011 and has truly soared ever since. Originally, it was a pilot program in which just one class period per day was offered to allow students who were interested the actual computer hardware to learn a bit more.

"The first year went great and the interest was starting to gain some ground," said class instructor John Brookshier.


Beginning in 2013, the Noli administration decided to hire on Brookshier as a fulltime instructor to teach a variety of subjects. He has been working with the tribe for over a decade with his computer business that was operated in Hemet.

"Now that I am a full time employee, I get to concentrate on sharing my computer understanding with the students," Brookshier said.

Noli school is offering Computer Tech 101 and Computer Tech 201, photography, and yearbook. They are also working on several multimedia type classes as well as a motion video class.


Computer tech class gives the students the opportunity to get their hands on a computer and learn what makes them work.

"From basic troubleshooting to new system assembly, the course is a new approach to computer education," he said. "The class gets to repair old systems as well as assemble custom gaming computers."

The class is limited to five to six students at a time so that each student is able to get one on one time with the instructor.


Our small class size is extremely important in this class.

Brookshier said he hopes that students leave each class with a good understanding of the computer hardware.

By the end of the semester students are able to completely assemble a computer from a stack of parts and install a Microsoft Windows operating system.