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Elizabeth LaCella (Alford) Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Eng. I, Eng. II


Bachelors in Humanities (Azusa Pacific)

Masters Degree in Education with emphasis on Language Arts  (Azusa Pacific)

Multiple Subject Credential  (Azusa Pacific)

Supplement in Math  (UCR)


This will be my 11th year teaching for Noli. I have taught a wide range of classes from Senior Life Skills to Middle School Math, History, and Science. For the past four years, I have taught 6th through 9th grade English. This year I am the Avid teacher for one of our 7th/ 8th grade combo classes, 9th/10th, and senior AVID classes. I also teach 9th/10th  honors English prep.  Prior to Noli, I taught 8th grade Math for two years in an inner city school in Arizona. In 2004-2008, taught 5th grade for the Menifee district and  worked for MSJC for 15 years. 

 The focus this year will be on College and Career. The Avid program has teamed up with Mr. Marcus' High school college program to ensure that our students know all of the possibilities that can be achieved in the college and career world. We want to ensure success in their future endeavors.

The English Department will continue to focus this year on building a solid foundation in writing. The goal is to focus on preparing each and every student with the skills necessary to succeed beyond high school (college/career).


I was born in a small mining town in West Virginia on April 18th, 1977. I was blessed with the most amazing parents, Cherlye and Thomas Gonzales. They inspired me to dream big, be creative, inquisitive and give 110% in all things. My mother loved telling me the story about when I came home from the first day of kindergarten and I announced that I would be a teacher when I grew up. Little did I know then that this would become my life's work. After completing my associates degree at Mt. San Jacinto College, I transferred to Azusa Pacific where I would complete my bachelor's degree and Master's degree in Education. I continued at UCR where I completed a supplemental in Math and a multiple subject's credential. Fifteen years ago I began teaching for Mt. san Jacinto College. While taking classes there for my associate's degree, I decided that I would eventually teach for this college and I did! I was hired on to work for NOLI eleven years ago. I am amazed everyday by all that I learn from my students. They teach me to be on my toes and to be a listening ear, to be compassionate and understanding, to be aware of what it is to see their lives through their eyes. Wow, it is truly a blessing to be able to be a part of the transformation in my students' lives. To see them grow into young men and women and eventually go into the world to make their dreams come true- I am blessed everyday to be a teacher.